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Rabbi Yankel & Yael Raskin have directed Camp Gan Israel of Brooklyn Height since 2017.  Rabbi Yankel and Yael both graduated Concordia College with Masters in Special Education.  We view it our opportunity to infuse camp with our passion for education as well as our excitement for summer camp. Having been counselors and directors at many other youth and summer programs before directing Camp Gan Israel, we are motivated to use our experience to deliver an incredible summer program..

Camp Gan Israel of Brooklyn Heights is part of the great franchise of Camp Gan Israel world over.



The first Camp Gan Israel opened in the summer of 1956 in Swan Lake, NY. Named after the great Chassidic master and lover of all jews, the Baal Shem Tov. Ever since it has branched out worldwide with over 120,000 children each summer attending camps in countries from Italy to Israel. . We are honored to run our CGI Day Camp here in Brooklyn Heights.

We take pride in our staff as much as we do our heritage. Our staff is always truly dedicated to placing the camper's needs at the highest priority, trying their utmost to make sure that every child is uniquely cared for

and guaranteed the most enjoyable summer.

"my son had the most amazing summer of his life and we are looking forward to next summer!"

Alex Green

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